Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crocheted Hearts Doilyمفرش القلوب المتداخله

I am not going to go through details since the procedure is cleare enough following the pictures.
So , let's see how it is done

1st row: ch140, join.

2nd row: 68 sc , make a cluster( insert the hook in the 69th chane , pull the thread through, insert the hook in the 70th loop and puu through, the same for the 71st and 72nd you will have 4 loops on your hook, pull the thread through all of them at once) , 68 sc

3rd row:  work 39 sc, then 2 sc in the 40th st, work 41 , 42 normally 1 sc in each, 2 sc in the 43th , 44, 45 sc each, continue the pattern 46(2), 47,48,49(2),50,51, 52(2), 53,45 , 55(2), 56,57, 58(2),59,60,61(2),62,63,64,65,66(2),67,68*.
work a cluster with (69,70,71),repeat from * backwards.

4th row: *ch3 skip1 sc inthe 3rd  , repeat from * all the way around.
5th row:  change color to pink, sc in every sc all around.
6th row: repeat 5th row

7th row: *ch3 skip 3sc make sc in the 4th sc make a picot(ch3 sc in the 1st ch), repeat from * all around.

8th row:* ch 3 skip one sc , sc in the 2nd sc, picot .Repeat from * all around                                               
9th row::* ch 3 skip one sc , sc in the 2nd sc, picot .Repeat from * all around, cut thread .                           

10th row: with white thread , join the thread to the bigining point of the base chane, insert the hook in the 1st ch , pull through and wave the thread through the loops of the chain as shown in the picture above, cut thread.                                                                                                                                       


11th row : Join the white thread to the 9th row to  the second chain between two picots, *ch5 , sc in the middle chain in row 9 ( below),  repeat  from* all around.

12 th row:  2 sc , sc ch3 sc in same st (i.e picot), *4sc, sc ch3 sc in same st (i.e picot), repeat from * all around.

2nd heart: Ch 140 , insert chain through the 1st heart,join.

Repeat the same proces followed in the 1st heart.

Finally , add your choice of flowers as in the picture above.

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